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Khamis, 26 Mei 2011


  • -Imogen Thomas receives death threats from Man Utd 'fans'

  • -Wayne Rooney prostitute tells actor with injunction to give himself up

  • Despite his cheating ways, Ryan Giggs's wife has said she will stand by her man, it has been revealed.
    Stacey, 32, vowed to stick with the footballer after revelations over the 37-year-old's affair.
    Even though he tried desperately to keep his infidelities out of the public eye, the mother of his two children, said she was upset but prepared to move on.

    Giggs's wife has told the left winger to 'go out there and play the game of your life' ahead of Manchester United's match against Barcelona, according to the Daily Mirror.
    The player has admitted he was a 'fool' and wishes it had never happened and he is relieved that his wife is standing by him.
    Giggs was officially named after Liberal Democrat MP John Hemming used Parliamentary privilege to identify him.

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    ps :mungkin perempuan Malaysia boleh belajar dari bini gigs, jangan lekas mintak cerai, nanti menyesal di kemudian hari.

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